"Adriatic Way of Inter-religious Dialogue"Conference held in Rimini, Italy

"Adriatic Way of Inter-religious Dialogue"Conference held in Rimini, Italy

On December 18, 2018, the "Adriatic Way of Interreligious Dialogue" conference was held in Rimini, Italy.

The conference was initially welcomed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Rimini and San Marino, Mgr. Francesco Lambiasi, as well as leaders and representatives of various academic and religious institutions.

Then the conference continued with the scientific sessions, where the first session was moderated by the director of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences Prof. dr. Natalino Valentini, while the second session by Prof. Johnny Farabegoli, where many academics from several universities and other institutions from Italy and Albania have referred to this conference, talking about inter-religious dialogue in general and in particular about interfaith coexistence in Albania.

The conference was attended by General Secretary of the Interreligious Council of Albania Dr. Genti Kruja with the speech on "Interfaith co-existence in Albania and Christian-Muslim dialogue".

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