The 7th Academic Interfaith Symposium is being held

The 7th Academic Interfaith Symposium is being held

The 7th Academic Interfaith Symposium is being held "Mary, as a symbol of virtue and piety"

On December 20, 2018, the Symposium of the Interreligious Academic VII "Maria / Maryam Symbol of Virtue and Devotion"was held at the conference hall of the Bedër University College. "Mary, as a symbol of virtue and piety".

Initially the symposium was greeted by Prof. Assoc. Dr. Rahim Ombashi, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Bedër, who has linked the figure of Hz. Maryam / Mary with our national heritage in the field of culture and literature for the role of woman and wider.

"The permanent need to communicate between ourselves for woman as a symbolic or for the woman symbol has gathered us in this interreligious academic meeting because we feel the need to understand the woman's mystery in monotheistic beliefs, followed in physical life," said among other things Prof. Ombashi”., tha ndër të tjera prof. Ombashi.

Then at the symposium moderated by Dr. Genti Kruja, have kept their referrals and representations from three theological schools, Mr. DhimitërQosja from the Orthodox Theological Academy, St. Vlash, Durrës, MimozaJaku from the Catholic Theological Institute, Shkodra and Ms. LorelaShehu of the Islamic Sciences Department, Bedër University College, who have treated the majestic figure of Mary/Maryam in the Christian and Islamic viewpoint as an inspirational model of virtue, devotion, and exemplary faith to God as Creator and Comprehensive.

At the end, questions and discussions were held by pedagogues and students of the three theologies about the topic of the symposium.

The VII Interfaith Symposium in the Academic Field is now a tradition of interfaith cooperation between university representatives of the three theological academic schools in Albania, the Islamic Studies Department at the Bedër University College, the Orthodox Theological Academy "Resurrection of Christ" St. Vlash, Durrës, and the Catholic Theological Institute at the Inter-Diocese Seminary "Ladies of the Good Council", where were brought together leaders, lecturers, students and representatives of the three educational institutions.

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