Memorandum of Understanding between the Inter-religious Council and the CVE is signed

Memorandum of Understanding between the Inter-religious Council and the CVE is signed

The Inter-religious Council of Albania, represented by five heads of religious communities in our country, signed today on date May, 17, 2019 a Memorandum of Understanding with the Coordination Center against Violent Extremism (CVE).

At this ceremony held at the CVE offices were attended by the highest representatives of the religious communities, respectively, the Head of the Albanian Muslim Community H. Bujar Spahiu, the Archbishop of Tirana, Durres and all Albania His Apostasy Anastasi (at the same time chairman of Albania IRC), the Archbishop of Tirana and Durrës, Mons. George Frendo, Bektashi World leader, H. Dede Edmond Brahimaj and the Head of the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania Pastor Ylli Doçi.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Inter-religious Council of Albania (IRCA) and the Center of Coordination against Violent Extremism (CVE) was signed by the five leaders mentioned above, as well as by Mr. Agron Sojati, director of the CVE, during the presentation of this memorandum, highly praised the work and contribution of all religious communities over the years, not only for the spirit of interfaith dialogue and harmony but also for social peace and the model they offer.

In the name of the Inter-Religious Council, a greeting was also delivered by H. Bujar Spahiu, who emphasized the cooperation between not only religious institutions but also cooperation with state institutions for the prevention of any form of radicalism and extremism by firmly preserve the value of interfaith coexistence and understanding.

During this ceremony were present also senior officials of religious communities, as well as the Secretary General of the Interreligious Council of Albania Dr. Genti Kruja.

The Memorandum of Understanding emphasizes the following points:

  • Strengthening and maintaining inter-religious relations and harmony, enhancing cooperation in the interests of peace, security and coexistence, joint commitment to prevent and cope with any goal, action or engagement that seeks to endanger the peace and security of the country.
  • Keeping in constant commitment to the best values that have characterized Albanians yesterday, today and in the future.
  • Growing the spirit of cooperation between the Religious Communities in Albania and the Center Against Violent Extremism.
  • Establishment and institutionalization of cooperation between CVE Center of Religious Communities in Albania, in bilateral relations with each community and in the framework of the Inter-religious Council of Albania. The spirit of cooperation will be based on mutual respect and trust among the parties, in the interest of a better future.
  • Monitoring the school textbooks and literature that goes to prison facilities to avoid information that conflicts with religious truths that undermine the climate of trust and understanding among believers that incite violence and hatred, objection to laws, or rules of coexistence in the community.
  • Institutionalization of cooperation between local government and local structures of religious communities through the CVE Center, which will exercise all its commitment and responsibility to enable this, ect.
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