Department of Woman

Department of Woman

  1. The Department of Women in IRCA consists of one woman representative from each religious community, member of the Interreligious Council of Albania, which are nominated by each community and approved by the Council of the Presidency.
  2. The Department of Women meets no less than twice a year. The meeting is leaded by the Head of this department, a task which is rotated for one year by each member of this department.
  3. The rotation of the leadership of the women's department is determined by an internal decision of the Presidency Council.
  4. The Head of the Department of Women reports at least once a year to the Presidential Council on annual activities within the department.
  5. After each activity/meeting conducted by the Department of Women, the head of the department must inform the Secretary General for the tasks and conclusions drawn.
  6. All members of the Women's Department exercise this duty voluntarily.
  7. In case of resignation of one or more members, expulsion or written replacement by the community they represent, or the leaded bodies of IRCA, he/she must be replaced by another member nominated by the respective community.


The Department of Women in Inter Religious Council of Albania has the following duties:

  • Organize and extend women's sectors in different countries of Albania.
  • Develop cultural activities in cooperation with the women's sectors in religious communities.
  • To organize meetings and conversations with intellectual women, students and young believers, in order to strengthen interfaith dialogue and harmony in the country.
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