IRCA realizes the documentary “30 years of religion freedom”

IRCA realizes the documentary “30 years of religion freedom”

In 1990, the long-suffering Albanian people were eager for freedom of religion. Thousands of Muslim and Christian believers inspired by the love of God and the longing to pray freely, raid the few standing cult objects, ringing the bells, performing the first Mass and praying on first Fridays in November 1990. This was the triumph of belief in denial; it was the triumph of freedom over the shackles and chains of a dictatorial regime.

The reopening of cult objects in November 1990, after a 23-year ban on the faith, is one of the culminating moments in the history of our country, preceding the December movement and the fall of the dictator's bust a few months later.

These historical events killed fear and opened the eyes of all Albanians, giving them hope for a better future.

The magnificent views of the first religious services after several decades are thus evidence of an extraordinary history, which became the subject of the first documentary of the Interreligious Council of Albania, dedicated to the 30 th anniversary of religion freedom in Albania.

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