Press release on the situation in Ukraine

Press release on the situation in Ukraine

The Interreligious Council of Albania is following with great concern and pain the war and aggression of Russia against Ukraine, an unjustified aggression against a sovereign state.

We strongly condemn the violence and bloodshed against innocent people, which has seriously hurt the hearts and souls of all our believers.

Albanians still have in their memory the tragic events of a few years ago from wars and armed conflicts, where thousands of civilians, women and children lost their lives.

All these events show us that peace, as a symbol of all our religious beliefs, is the most precious thing we should have and promote in any form. We therefore pray and demand that all responsible actors, and the entire international community to engage by all means in achieving a ceasefire and peace in the long-suffering land of Ukraine.

We, the five religious’ communities, as an integral part of the Interfaith Council of Albania, call on all our believers to lift up their prayers for the people of Ukraine and the achievement of peace as soon as possible.


Interreligious Council of Albania

Tirana, March 3, 2022

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