Press Release

Press Release

Inter-Religious Council of Albania and its members (the Albanian Muslim Community, the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania, the Catholic Church of Albania, the Bektashi World Center and the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania) are deeply concerned about our country’s political situation, which directly affects its socialand economic aspects as well as the future of our youth, thus creating an uncertain state and violating the hope of a suffering but vital and strong people in the face of the trials they have historically encountered.

Albania’s Inter-Religious Council calls on Albanian politics for dialogue and restraint, as well as for a resolution of this prolonged conflict, which is increasingly deepening Albanians’ poverty, their escape and the weakening of democratic institutions in the country, and which is severely damaging Albania’s image in the world.

All together we must insist strongly on the virtue of hope, which is being wounded day by day, calling on all the political factors to put aside verbal and physical violence and contempt for their political opponent, and to necessarily find a solution to the benefit of the entire Albanian society, to those honorable mothers and fathers who have nourished the generations’ sacred love for this soil, and particularly, to the benefit of our youth, who deserve a country with a hopeful future.

We pray to God for more love, understanding and cooperation.

God bless Albania and our people.


Inter-religious Council of Albania

Tirana, February 26, 2019

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