The Role of Religious Tolerance in Preventing Violent Extremism

The Role of Religious Tolerance in Preventing Violent Extremism

The Albanian Helsinki Committee held today on September 8, 2020 in the venues of “Rogner Hotel” workshop on the topic: “The Role of Religious Tolerance for the Prevention of Violent Extremism” within the project “Educational activities based on values to prevent Violent Extremism among young people in Albania”..

The activity developed in cooperation with the Inter Religious Council of Albania was attended by the Secretary General of the Interreligious Council of Albania, Dr. Genti Kruja, representatives of the religious communities of the country, Mr. Taulant Bica - Vice Chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania, Mr. Ylli Doçi - President of the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania, Father Grigor Pelushi - Representative of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania, Sister Ermira Koleci - Representative of the Catholic Church of Albania, Mrs. Sheldiana Agaraj - representative of the Bektashi Community, Mrs. Lejdi Dervishi - Head of the National Coordination Center Against Violent Extremism (CVE Center), as well as members of the Department of Women and the Department of Youth in IRC Albania.

The representative of the Albanian Helsinki Committee also the moderator of this workshop, Mrs. Miriam Neziri Angoni, during her speech, thanked the participants for their participation, and put the emphasis to the importance of such platforms in the ongoing, effort to further cultivate mutual understanding, and dialogue in society and especially among young people.

On behalf of the Interreligious Council of Albania, Mr. Kruja spoke about the work and activity of IRC Albania, the role of educational and academic institutions of religious communities in promoting interfaith harmony and the recent engagement of youth and women of religious communities in strengthening this spirit of collaboration.

The workshop continued with the speech of representatives of religious communities, who touched various aspects of the topic, drawing valuable conclusions in preserving and furthering the common mission of interfaith harmony of our country.

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