IRCA holds in Tirana the International Forum in cooperation with the Inter Religious Councils of Europe

IRCA holds in Tirana the International Forum in cooperation with the Inter Religious Councils of Europe

The Interreligious Council of Albania held the International Forum in Tirana on September 30, 2023 with the participation of the European National Interreligious Bodies (ENIB, Religions for Peace, Europe).

The leaders of the Interreligious Councils of Europe, leaders of the Interreligious Council of Albania, members of the Executive Board, the Department of Women and the Department of Youth in the IRCA participated in the forum held in the premises of Bedër University.

In the forum moderated by Advocate Sheldiana Jano Agaraj member of Executive board at IRCA, greeted Prof. Genti Kruja, vice president of the ENIB and at the same time President of Religions for Peace Albania, Dr. Luigi de Salvia, President of the Religions for Peace-Europe, as well as Prof. Dr. Joan Hernandez Serret, Secretary General of the Religions for Peace-Europe.

Dr. De Salvia, in the capacity of the head of the European delegation, praised the interreligious cooperation in Albania as a model to be imported to other European countries and beyond. “Dignified respect for religions in Albania is an important pillar of positive religious dynamics in Europe today”, he said among other things. While Prof. Serret thanked the Interreligious Council of Albania for the commendable work it does.

Then the forum continued with the session of the statements of the members of the Department of Youth and the Department of Women in IRCA, where Mr. Hysni Skura, Mrs. Sonila Rembeci, Mrs. Jeta Deda, Mrs. Ravesa Nano and Mrs. Lidia Sema.

After the session of statements Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Naurath, president of Religions for Peace Germany delivered a statement with conclusions, emphasizing the role of peace and interreligious dialogue. Among other things, she said that “every act of violence is a blasphemy against God's creation”.

Those present at the International Forum also visited the exhibition opened on this occasion entitled “Interfaith Harmony in Albania”.

The European delegation consists of the presidents and leaders of the interreligious councils of Albania, Germany, Bulgaria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Belgium, part of the Governing Board of the Interreligious Council of Europe (European National Interreligious Bodies, Religions for Peace Europe).

They will stay in Albania, where they will hold various meetings with religious leaders, boards and departments of the Interreligious Council of Albania, academic and educational institutions depending on the religious communities in our country, as well as study visits to several cities, where they will stop at different cult objects.

The Religions for Peace organization, founded in 1970 in New York, is the largest institution globally, accredited by the UN, which is involved in interreligious dialogue and peace building in the world. The Interreligious Council of Albania established in 2007 is part of Religions for Peace and has a partnership relationship with it, where members of its boards participate in the Assembly of the Interreligious Council of Europe and the World Assembly of Interreligious Councils (Religions for Peace International).

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