Interreligious Council of Albania in help of hundreds of families in need

Interreligious Council of Albania in help of hundreds of families in need

Interreligious Council of Albania, in the framework of humanitarian activities, has started the initiative to be near of hundreds of families in need. This project has started with the help given to families of orphans in the earthquake zone in the district of Kurbin, as well as many other families in difficult economic situation in the area of Kurbin, Durres and Tirana, affected by the damage of the earthquake happened on November 2019, as well as putting them even more in trouble due to the spread of virus COVID-19 in our country.

This humanitarian project comes as a collaboration of Inter Religious Council of Albania with international partners, such as the world's largest organization in the field of peace and dialogue, accredited by the UN, "Religions for Peace" based in New York, USA.

Young Muslims and Christians, members of the Department of Women and the Department of Youth in the Inter Religion Council of Albania, who also represent the five traditional religious communities in Albania, who also co-direct the Center of the Interreligious Council, are implementing the project, located in the above-mentioned areas and in their villages.

The initiative was launched with the distribution of aid to the families of orphans in Laç, an activity developed by IRC of Albania in cooperation with the National Association of Orphans of Albania. Representatives of religious communities, leaders of the municipality of Kurbin, civil society and media representatives attended the event.

Afterwards, IRC of Albania youth volunteers continued to distribute food packages to homes and families in need in Kurbin, Durrës and Tirana.

IRCA is already pursuing several projects of humanitarian, social, cultural and wider character in the framework of interfaith cooperation, increasing the capacity to activate Muslim and Christian women and youth, as a force for positive change and promotion of interfaith dialogue Albania and beyond. / 17.07.2020

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