National Consultations of Woman and Youth Departments by IRC Albania

National Consultations of Woman and Youth Departments by IRC Albania

In the framework of preparations for the participation of the Albanian Interreligious Council in the 10th World Assembly of “Religions for Peace”, to be held in Lindau, Germany in August of this year, on June 20, the National Consultations of Women and Youth Departments of IRC Albania were held in Tirana.

The establishment decision for the Woman and Youth Department at Inter- Religious Council of Albania, was taken during the last meeting of the Presidency Board held in April 2019. Representatives of these newly established departments met today for the first time in one of the halls of Hotel Plaza in Tirana.

After their presentation on behalf of the five religious communities, Secretary General of IRC Albania Dr. Genti Kruja discussed related to interfaith coexistence in Albania and during the plenary session he introduced the themes of the 10th World Assembly and the 50 years history of “Religions for Peace” as the world's largest organization in the field of peace and dialogue, accredited by the UN.

At the second plenary session, Mrs. Sheldiana Jano, member of the Executive Board of IRC Albania, explained the five topics that will be discussed at the Assembly, and then representatives of the Women Department and the Department of Youth during a workshop were divided into five groups with representatives from various religious communities, where they discussed these topics by issuing some important recommendations and suggestions that will be sent to the assembly on behalf of IRC Albania.

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