Muslims and Christians charity, fasting and prayer to God

Muslims and Christians charity, fasting and prayer to God

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, established after Pope Francis' historic meeting with the Grand Imam, Sheikh of Azhar Prof. Dr. Ahmed el Tajjib, who met a year ago in Abu Dhabi on dt. On February 4, 2019, to sign the Document on Human Brotherhood, proposed that the various faiths, on May 14 be spiritually united in a day of prayer, fasting, and charity, that God help human society to overcome pandemic of coronavirus. Pope Francis has gladly accepted this proposal of this committee, which represents the Christian, Islamic and Jewish faith.

Based on this proposal, this call is joined by the Interfaith Council of Albania, which encourages and calls on all Muslim, Christians, and other believers in Albania, that on May 14th turn to God in prayer, fasting, and charity so that He, the Creator God, may bless, save, and protect His people, and mercifully turn His gaze to us in these times of trial.

Regarding this world event, Pope Francis said: "Since prayer is a universal value, I welcome the call of the High Committee for Human Brotherhood that the believers of all religions unite spiritually on May 14 in a day of prayer, fasting and charity" in order to pray to God to help mankind overcome the pandemic of the Corona virus.

While Prof. Dr. Ahmed al-Tajib said in a Twitter post: I welcome the invaluable human invitation announced by the High Committee of the Brotherhood to invite all people around the world to pray and for do good deeds so that God may raise Covid 19 from our common human family.

I invite everyone to take part in this call, with supplication and sincerity, to turn to God to remove this pandemic and to give success to medicine and scientists to achieve a cure that will defeat this virus.

The United Nations was the first to accept and join the campaign, along with dozens of countries and international institutions, presidents and governments of various countries around the world.

May God help you and bless you all.

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